The Golioth platform

The most flexible IoT development platform available

The Golioth platform provides flexible device management, data routing, and application services for microcontrollers.

Simply put, Golioth helps you connect microcontrollers to the internet quickly with a flexible firmware SDK, then capture and stream the data you need, plus manage all your devices from one easy-to-navigate control plane.

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A universal connector for devices and data

Data from the Internet of Things helps us better understand our physical world–but building IoT hardware and firmware? Let’s just say: it’s complicated. Building IoT is a multi-disciplinary experience. Learn how the Golioth platform makes it easier for teams to build, connect, and manage IoT devices so you can get the data you need in a fraction of the time.

Nordic Semiconductor board

Build Hardware, Quickly

Start with the right hardware for your use case. Golioth works with 100s of boards from dozens of manufacturers including Nordic Semiconductor, Espressif, Infineon, Qualcomm, and more.

Firmware Integration

Get major IoT functionality from day 1 with Golioth’s flexible firmware SDK. Device management features like over the air firmware updates, devices settings, devices security, logs, and more are built into the Golioth developer environment.

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Connect Devices, Securely

With so much to build, managing efficient connections can be a challenge. That's why Golioth abstracts away the complicated networking layers. Our SDK ensures a secure and efficient link to the cloud with a very low memory footprint, saving power and data. Stream your sensor data reliably, take real-time action with remote procedure calls, and troubleshoot issues quickly—all within the Golioth console.

Low-Code Data Routing

Ingest device telemetry and logs in time series or real-time databases with digital twin.

Golioth Pipelines help you connect to popular data stores with a single line of code or add your own custom webhooks to start streaming valuable data anywhere you need it to go.

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Flexible Device Management

Device management is an IoT necessity. Golioth gives you access to device management features like OTA*, blueprints, remote procedure calls, and more–completely free, with no limits to the number of devices you bring on board. 

*Limit 1GB per month on OTA data downloads, for additional data charges may apply 

Powerful developer tools for building reliable IoT fleets

The Golioth API, CLI, and open source references designs are built with IoT development in mind. Learn more about these and other developer tools in the docs.

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What makes Golioth different?

Golioth is device, connectivity, and service agnostic. We act as a universal connector enabling you to connect sensors quickly, capture data instantly, and easily pipe it anywhere you want.

Unlike vertical IoT platforms that lock you into their hardware and their RTOS. Golioth lets you connect any hardware running any RTOS using our device agnostic Firmware SDK. This way you'll never be limited on new features or disrupted by supply chain issues.

Golioth doesn't just offer device management but a robust set of services to help you securely and efficiently transmit your data from device to the cloud and build your IoT application.

What types of connectivity do you support?

Golioth works best with devices that directly connect to the internet including Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet, or mesh networking enabled devices like Thread. We continue to add support for additional connectivity types.

Which embedded operating systems do you support?

Golioth works best with Zephyr, Nordic nRF Connect SDK (based on Zephyr,) Espressif ESP-IDF, Infineon Modus Toolbox, FreeRTOS and more.

What types of hardware does Golioth support?

Golioth works with multiple chip vendors and supports over 100+ board models and growing. You can find the full list here.

How does pricing work?

Golioth is free to use for anyone with no caps to the number of devices. Golioth only charges for data streamed or stored over a certain amount, and we provide generous monthly data allotments. View Golioth pricing.  We try to be as transparent as possible with our pricing but if you’re struggling with forecasting, we do offer a pricing calculator. Contact for help with pricing. We offer credits to verified non-profits and startups.

Where do I go if I need help?

We offer three forms of support including an active developer community, a knowledge base, and Golioth customer support. For design support we have a large community of expert design partners and also offer professional services through Golioth. Head over to our support center to get started.

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