An IOT platform for Modern Development Teams

We care deeply about the IoT developer’s experience. Our mission is to make it faster and easier for developers to create thoughtful connected products.

Who we are

Our globally distributed team all have one thing in common: we love connecting “sand” (silicon) to the internet. Throughout our careers we’ve all gone through the painful steps of trying to connect sensors to the web. In fact, we’ve “built Golioth” at almost every company we’ve worked for–and it’s been just as painful every time. So we built Golioth to take away the pain of building connected devices by fixing the IoT developer experience, and making IoT data and experiences universally accessible and useful.


Our team is composed of leaders from various industries who have experience with both IoT and development.

Jonathan Beri
Founder and CEO

Jonathan Beri is the founder and CEO of Golioth. Jonathan has spent more than a decade building IoT solutions at companies like Google, Nest, Particle & WeWork. If you really want to get him going, ask him how he would build a real holodeck.

Brian Rucker
Head of Global RevOps

Brian is an experienced operations leader with a diverse background in the defense, public, and private sectors, spanning nearly two decades. He is an enthusiastic problem solver who prioritizes people. At Golioth, his main focus is to provide engineers and their organizations with exceptional support and delivery, ensuring they maximize value at every phase of their IoT deployment. 

Dylan Swartz
Head of Product

Dylan is a seasoned software engineer turned product management leader with 10+ years of experience focused on developer tooling, cloud infrastructure, and IoT. Dylan often asks "Why can't you build an IoT product company in a weekend?". Now he's trying to enable just that.

Ariana Faustini
Head of Global Marketing

Ariana has 20 years of experience working on strategic marketing, brand, and product marketing. Having worked in the consumer electronics, SaaS, and developer tooling industries, her focus at Golioth is to help make the highly technical, highly relatable. 

Chris Gammell
Head of DevRel

Chris has over 20 years of electronics design experience. When he’s not designing electronics or interviewing industry peers for the Amp Hour podcast, Chris is empowering IoT developers to build innovative connected devices on the Golioth platform.

Dan Mangum
Head of Engineering

Dan is an experienced engineering leader, having built products and teams at both large companies and small startups. He has a history of leadership in open source communities, and has worked across many layers of the technical stack, giving him unique insight into the constraints faced by Golioth’s customers and the requirements of a platform that enables their success.

Jonathan Beri
Founder and CEO
Jocelyn Goldfein 
Managing Director at Zetta Venture Partners
Stephan Cizmar
Partner at Blackhorn Ventures
Nick Adams
Managing Partner and Co-founder at Differential Ventures



Golioth has raised a total of $7.1M and is backed by leading investors in AI/ML, developer tooling, and IoT-supportive industries.

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