Responsible Use Policy

Last Updated Date: September 14, 2022

Maintaining a high availability of service for all of our customers is a top priority for Golioth. We want all of our customers to have access to the resources they require to rapidly and effectively develop new and innovative products, that means setting in place reasonable policies for the fair use of resources within Golioth. While our service includes broad access to a variety of resources such as time-series data streams and over the air updates, they are not unlimited (unless expressly stated as such) as those services have the potential to degrade the stability of Golioth or disrupt availability for other Golioth customers.Our Responsible Use Policy is a part of the Golioth Terms of Use and applies to all customers using the Development, Startup and Standard tiers or custom Golioth Service Tiers derived from these Service Tiers. Limits for Enterprise customers will be customized according to their specific needs.

Terms & Definitions

Message Rate refers to the frequency of both inbound (device to cloud) and outbound (cloud to device) message traffic.

Burst Message Rate refers to the ability to dramatically increase – “burst” -message traffic for up to 60 seconds per hour at specified rate corresponding to your Golioth service tier.

Nominal Message Rate refers to the maximum allowable message rate during non-burst periods.

Outbound Message Data Volume refers to the amount of data transmitted over the air (OTA) from the Golioth cloud to connected devices.

Artifact Storage refers to the software and firmware packages that are stored in the Golioth database.

Dev Tier‍‍Burst Message Rate Nominal Message Rate Outboard Message Data Volume Artifact Storage
Dev Tier‍4Hz1/min‍50 GB‍100 MB‍
Startup‍10Hz‍6/min‍200 GB‍1 GB‍
Startup 300‍10Hz‍6/min‍400 GB‍3 GB‍
Standard‍20Hz‍12/min‍1.5 TB‍10 GB‍
Standard 2500‍20Hz‍12/min‍3.75 TB‍25 GB‍
Standard 5K‍20Hz‍12/min‍7.5 TB‍50 GB‍
Standard 10K‍20Hz‍12/min‍15 TB‍100 GB

Remedial Actions

If your service usage exceeds the limits of your Golioth Service Tier, we will contact you about upgrading your subscription to the next appropriate Service Tier. We may also provide a custom Service Tier, at our sole discretion, if your specific scenario does not fit our standard pricing model.

If your service usage has been exceeding the limits for several months, we will take corrective action, including, but not limited to, throttling your allowable rates and limits, temporarily suspending or—when other options are unavailable—terminating your account.

Please contact our sales team if you need additional information or would like a custom Service Tier quote.