Illustration of an embedded engineer taking a connected device from prototype to production with the Golioth IoT platform.

Go from prototype to production in minutes, not months.

Connect and secure devices, send sensor data to the web, update firmware Over-the-Air, and scale your fleet with our instant IoT cloud. 

How Golioth Works

Connected devices are complex to build and launch. We made it simple. 

Bring your hardware

Select hardware and connectivity that meets your needs from your preferred vendor.

Prototype securely

Use the open source Golioth Device SDK to integrate with your firmware securely.

Connect and go

Once connected you can instantly monitor, manage, and update your devices from the Golioth console.

Golioth works with

An IoT platform optimized for the developer experience.

We’re a group of industry-leading hardware, firmware, and cloud engineers. We understand the struggle to connect “sand” to the internet. So we built a better way to do just that. 

Define your workflow.

We’re built for the embedded developer workflow. Use the tools you’re already familiar with to build robust and reliable devices, faster. 

Choose your preferred stack.

Choose from hundreds of hardware options and a variety of connectivity types, protocols, and multiple embedded RTOS providers. 

control your fleet in one place

Control it all in one place.

Golioth provides a single control plane for all your devices, whether you’re exploring an idea, improving an existing project, or retrofitting your entire IoT fleet. 

The cloud is better together.
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An array of features, ready to run.

Whether it’s implementing software updates, collecting device data, or one of countless, more tailored applications of the cloud, Golioth empowers you to make it happen without setting up a database or facing an architecture puzzle.



Frequently asked questions.

What makes Golioth different?

We're a platform designed for your hardware, not the typical vice-versa relationship. Golioth is uniquely positioned to enable custom IoT hardware to scale easily from one device to millions.

What types of connectivity do you support?

Many! Golioth works great with Celluar, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread connectivity today. We plan to keep adding more in the future!

Which embedded OSes do you support?

We currently support Zephyr RTOS and FreeRTOS (as part of the ESP-IDF). We have plans to extend to additional RTOSes based on community input.

What types of hardware does Golioth support?

Golioth supports a broad range of architectures, boards, and modems currently available in Zephyr and has been qualified on the Espressif Systems ESP32, Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160, NXP RT1060, and QEMU device emulator.

What is your pricing model?

Every user can get started for free today on our Dev Tier. As your deployment grows, you can increase your team size and the number of devices using Golioth's Predictable Pricing models.

Where do I go if I need help?

We have a Forum (including a FAQ section) where you can ask questions, a Discord channel where you can reach the team directly, and we'd love to hear from you on email, too! Send us a note at [email protected] with any questions you might have.

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A tailored platform that fits your existing hardware.
Quick, easy, secure cloud integration at compile time.

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