Develop connected hardware with a cloud
built for you.

Golioth is a straightforward commercial IoT development platform built for scale. Speed up development and increase the chances that your pilots will be put into production with a full featured platform of firmware, services & cloud management.

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Secure CoAP 
Firmware OTA 
Zephyr RTOS 
Device logs 
Streaming sensor data 

Ultimate flexibility for developers.

When embedded developers are encouraged to use tools they’re familiar with, the resulting IoT devices are more robust, reliable, and reach production sooner. Golioth prioritizes compatibility with the most ubiquitous tools of today, tomorrow, and beyond.
Choice in:

Hardware: 100+ compatible boards  and growing.

Messaging protocol: CoAP

Embedded software: Zephyr® RTOS FreeRTOS™

Supporting (and shortening) the journey from idea to production.

Golioth can be implemented at any point in the development cycle. Use it to get your first IoT device running smoothly, then scale seamlessly for larger deployments.

The cloud is better together.
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An array of features, ready to run.

Whether it’s implementing software updates, collecting device data, or one of countless, more tailored applications of the cloud, Golioth empowers you to make it happen without setting up a database or facing an architecture puzzle.



Professional-grade IoT tools open to anyone.

Our mission is to provide the expertise and support your project needs while prioritizing security and scalability.

Open edition

We're cooking up an even more open and accessible way to use Golioth in your projects. Curious? Sign up for the latest news as it happens!

Cloud edition

A fully managed, hosted edition of Golioth. No servers or databases to deal with. Simply integrate the Golioth SDK into your device and get going.

Extended edition

The Golioth platform built to meet the unique needs and scale requirements of any enterprise.

Frequently asked questions.

What makes Golioth different?

We're a platform designed for your hardware, not the typical vice-versa relationship. Golioth is uniquely positioned to enable custom IoT hardware to scale easily from one device to millions.

What types of connectivity do you support?

Many! Golioth works great with Celluar, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread connectivity today. We plan to keep adding more in the future!

Which embedded OSes do you support?

We currently support Zephyr RTOS and FreeRTOS (as part of the ESP-IDF). We have plans to extend to additional RTOSes based on community input.

What types of hardware does Golioth support?

Golioth supports a broad range of architectures, boards, and modems currently available in Zephyr and has been qualified on the Espressif Systems ESP32, Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160, NXP RT1060, and QEMU device emulator.

What is your pricing model?

Every user can get started for free today on our Dev Tier. As your deployment grows, you can increase your team size and the number of devices using Golioth's Predictable Pricing models.

Where do I go if I need help?

We have a Forum (including a FAQ section) where you can ask questions, a Discord channel where you can reach the team directly, and we'd love to hear from you on email, too! Send us a note at [email protected] with any questions you might have.

The cloud is calling.

A tailored platform that fits your existing hardware.
Quick, easy, secure cloud integration at compile time.

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