Straightforward pricing with savings that scale with your fleet.


Get started with your first 50 devices!
$ 0
  • OTA Updates
  • Command & Control
  • Device Telemetry
  • Time-Series Data
  • 3rd Party Cloud Integrations
  • 48 Hour Data Retention


Device management built for scale
$ 10 Average annual device cost*
  • One price for OTA, messaging, integrations and device services
  • Configurable scale for 1,000 to 10,000 devices
  • Team collaboration for up to 25 members
  • Dedicated support with same-day response
  • Multi-project support
  • 30 day data retention
  • *Annual and volume discounts available


Device management at any scale
  • Access Control
  • Scale on Demand
  • Unlimited Users
  • Alerting & Reporting
  • Program Management
  • Custom configuration

Startups and Non-Profits

Golioth offers special custom pricing and incentives for Startups and Non-Profits working to make our world a better place through IoT. Let’s find a time to connect so we can learn more about what you’re working on and discover how Golioth can help your Startup or Non-Profit thrive! 

What's Included

Firmware Updates

Targeted updates, painless rollback and storage for your historical firmware releases.


Save time and redundancy by building blueprints for your common device profiles.

Output streams

Your device data where you need it with webhooks and native 3rd party plugins.

Device Settings

Easily update device configurations without having to roll a whole software update.


Segment your fleets and take action on specific devices or groups of devices.

API Keys

Manage your Golioth fleet within your own applications using our APIs.

Go Faster, Save More

Build With Golioth

$ 25000
What you’ll pay to support 5K devices on Golioth each year.

Secure by Default

Every connection is encrypted and authenticated  from day one.

Device Management

Over-The-Air Firmware updates, device provisioning and fleet monitoring from an API or simple Web UI.

Device Telemetry

Time-series or state-based  collection of data with a simple interface from Device to Cloud.

Protocol Agnostic

First class support for CoAP and MQTT.

Command and Control

Send targeted actions to devices all over the globe.

External Interfaces

Access device data with our REST API or Output Streams.

Build In-House

$ 100000
What you'll pay to support 5K devices with a DIY approach.

Dedicated Engineering

You’ll need at least one full time engineer dedicated to managing your Device to Cloud connections….and that’s just to keep the LEDs blinking!

Clouds Costs

Cloud pricing is confusing by design. Each additional function adds incremental costs, which is non-obvious during the design phase. Typical per device costs can climb to $5 – $15 each year.

Operations & Maintenance

Once you’ve built your solution you’ve got to keep it running with routine updates, security patches, and additional features to meet your growing fleet requirements. These is real work, especially as your device fleet grows. That means more engineering hours, product management,  and dedicated support. We estimate another full-time engineer, at a minimum.

Golioth For Enterprise

Access Control

Integrate with your auth provider

access controls

Scale on Demand

Add more server capacity as your fleet grows

Unlimited Users

For better collaboration among developer teams

unlimited users
reporting and alerting

Alerting & Reporting

Health monitoring for peace of mind

Program Management

To drive long-term success with Golioth

program management
dedicated support

Dedicated Support

SLAs backed by Tier 1-3 support

Custom Configuration

3rd party integrations, privacy, security and more

custom configuration

Straightforward pricing customized to meet your enterprise needs