Transportation & Logistics

Telematics is the use of IoT in the transport and logistics industry and is the foundational technology behind feel tracking and fleet management software. Data capture devices installed on vehicles or mobile assets can transmit critical information to a web-based software platform via secure cellular networks.
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Transportation & Logistics Use Cases

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Customized dashboards can deliver real-time fleet information (eg. location, condition of parts; like tire pressure or coolant level). Monitor truck loads and driver behavior and performance which lets you make real-time business decisions, achieve operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, lower fuel consumption, improve regulatory compliance, and speed up accident response.

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Reduce cost, increase revenues, lower your business risk, and improve your constituent experience by monitoring a fleet or scooters or e-bikes deployed to cities or campuses for battery status, location, or tampering.

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Warehouse Management

Optimize stocking levels, and space, and locate packages in the most optimal place by getting real-time information across the warehouse, distribution, and production center. Reduce the cost of inventory, management of errors, and improve predictive maintenance.

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Supply Chain

Identify theft, and shipment delays and optimize your logistics and quality management by tracking and authenticating products and shipments and monitoring the storage conditions of products.

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cold storage

Cold Chain

Cold chain management solutions utilize IoT-enabled sensors to monitor and manage temperature-sensitive packages to prevent spoilage as they move through the supply chain. Cold chain management solutions allow shipment tracking in real-time, receiving alerts to any delays, and checking on the condition of packages. Drivers are alerted to any potential issues with a shipment immediately, which allows for a quick response time before the situation becomes critical or inventory is lost.

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Fuel Level Monitoring

Remotely track tank levels and usage by using IoT-enabled tank monitoring solutions. Sensors in tanks can measure the fill level, and location and monitor for predictive maintenance; or commercially, the monitoring system allows users to closely monitor the logistics for storing, transporting, and delivering products, enabling the optimization of those processes.

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