Industrial Manufacturing

Using The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a step towards turning traditional factories into smart spaces and is driving unprecedented disruption which subsequently makes factories safer for frontline workers while also increasing productivity and efficiency.
industrial iot

Industrial Manufacturing Use Cases

supply chain

Supply Chain Asset Tracking

Overseeing components of the supply chain (raw materials, containers, and finished goods) to optimize logistics, disclose thefts and violations, raise technician safety, bring down inventory damage, and reduce insurance payments is made easier by introducing the integration of IoT-based methods.

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factory equipment

Factory Equipment Management

Use IoT-enabled sensors to monitor and track the performance and location of factory equipment in order to optimize processes, reduce theft and misuse, and prevent unscheduled downtime. Retrofit kits and sensors allow companies to track performance without replacing legacy equipment.

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factory smoke coming out from factory

Environmental Chemical Leak Detection

IoT-enabled sensors can be used to detect, identify, manage and prevent environmental chemical leaks and environmental pollution within chemical manufacturing facilities. Using infrared lasers and machine learning techniques, chemical leak detection systems are able to detect invisible gas leakages in real time and develop insights on pollutant spread.

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connected operations

Connected Operations

Unify machines/equipment to identify problems quickly and improve operational performance by connecting them to disparate operational data centers to enable real-time data visibility across manufacturing systems and connected operational intelligence.

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